Who does Colombia export oil to?

The most recent exports are led by Crude Petroleum ($13B), Coal Briquettes ($5.62B), Refined Petroleum ($2.91B), Coffee ($2.38B), and Gold ($1.48B). The most common destination for the exports of Colombia are United States ($12.4B), China ($4.58B), Panama ($2.35B), Ecuador ($1.96B), and Brazil ($1.47B).

Where does Colombia export oil to?

In 2019, Colombia exported $2.91B in Refined Petroleum. The main destinations of Colombia exports on Refined Petroleum were United States ($2.03B), Singapore ($159M), Bonaire ($116M), Spain ($105M), and Panama ($79M).

Who does Colombia export to?

Economy of Colombia

Exports $39.48 billion (2017 est.)
Export goods petroleum, coal, coffee, gold, bananas, cut flowers, coke (fuel), ferroalloys, emeralds
Main export partners United States 28.5% Panama 8.6% China 5.1% (2017)
Imports $44.24 billion (2017 est.)

Who does Colombia export and import with?

The top export destinations of Colombia are the United States ($11.5 billion), China ($4.07 billion), Panama ($3.07 billion), Mexico ($1.66billion), and Turkey ($1.7 billion).

What is Colombia’s main export?

Colombia’s major exports are petroleum, coffee, coal, nickel, cut flowers, and bananas. The United States is Colombia’s largest trading partner, representing about 41% of Colombia’s exports and 27% of its imports. Colombia has considerable mineral and energy resources, especially coal and natural gas reserves.

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Who owns the oil in Colombia?

Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos, the state oil company of Colombia, is wholly owned by its government and is usually referred to by the abbreviation Ecopetrol. It was founded in 1951 but has its origins in the 1910s. Ecopetrol is the principal oil producing, refining, and transporting company in Colombia.

Is Colombia an oil exporter?

Colombia became an oil exporter in the mid-1980s and has remained that, as a result of policy changes made in 2003. Colombia exports about half of its production, most of it to the United States. … The state-owned Colombian Petroleum Enterprise (Ecopetrol) is an important exporter and a highly profitable concern.

Is Colombia rich country?

Colombia is classified as an upper middle-income economy and is one of Latin America’s largest economies, according to the International Monetary Fund. The country’s economy is shaped by its land and like many South American nations is based in its rich natural resources.

How is Colombia’s government?

The Republic of Colombia has a presidential system of government. The extant constitution dates back to 1991. It opened the way for the reform of a highly centralized system of government. The president of the republic, elected by universal suffrage for a non-renewable term of four years, is the chief executive.

Does Panama belong to Colombia?

The area that became Panama was part of Colombia until the Panamanians revolted, with U.S. support, in 1903. In 1904, the United States and Panama signed a treaty that allowed the United States to build and operate a canal that traversed Panama.

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