Is AT&T Available in Colombia?

AT&T has a long established presence across the Latin America and Caribbean region with a workforce of over 11,000 people located across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

What countries are covered by AT&T?

AT&T around the world

  • Australia.
  • China.
  • Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Japan.
  • Korea.
  • Malaysia.

Can you use your AT&T phone in Colombia?

With International Day Pass, you can use your AT&T unlimited plan or Mobile Share plan while traveling abroad in more than 210 destinations. You get unlimited talk within and between International Day Pass destinations and back to the U.S., unlimited text, and use of the high-speed data plan that you use at home.

Does AT&T work outside the US?

AT&T offers low international long distance rates with AT&T World Connect. Enjoy the broadest global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider with voice roaming in over 190 countries and data access in over 135 countries. While traveling abroad, you can be reached at your regular wireless number.

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Will my US cell phone work in Colombia?

If your unlocked cell phone has GSM 850 and 1900 bands it should work in Colombia. A CDMA phone will not work in Colombia. In the US, both Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. … An unlocked GGSM quad band phone is a good choice for Colombia and other countries.

Does AT&T work in Greece?

From our base in Athens, AT&T offers a comprehensive service portfolio to clients in Greece, helping them to put their business in motion. AT&T in Greece supports both country headquartered organizations as well as local branches of global clients.

Does AT&T work in the Caribbean?

AT&T Cruise packages1 are available on over 170 ships and include use in Mexico, Canada and most Caribbean islands. … You can view included cruise ships, countries and package options at If you also need coverage for countries not included, go to for options.

How do I get my AT&T phone to work internationally?

Call 611 for free from your AT&T PREPAID phone. Say Manage my plan, then Make changes to plan and package, and then International. Follow the prompts.

How much does it cost to call internationally AT&T?

When you add an AT&T International Calling package for $15/month per device to a qualified rate plan, you’ll get unlimited calling from the U.S. to over 85 countries. You’ll also enjoy discounted calling rates to over 140 other countries.

How do I know if my phone works internationally?

Ask if the phone is SIM-unlocked. Place a SIM from another operator in your phone and see if the phone recognizes the other operator’s network. You can use one of the many sites on the web to check your phone’s IMEI, which is a unique number that identifies your phone.

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Does AT&T work in Germany?

Most (but not all) of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon’s phones are multi-band and have the necessary bands for use in Germany and Europe. Your options are to “roam” in Germany with your current provider and pay their roaming rates. (Make sure you know what they are! Some offer lower rates if you sign up before you travel.)

Does AT&T-Mobile Hotspot work internationally?

The Roaming setting allows you to determine how your MiFi device connects to the network while outside of the home network coverage area. … This option is only available when you are outside of your home network.

Is ATT in Australia?

AT&T operations in Australia began in 1992. AT&T provides local account management, innovative design and operational support to both Australian headquartered organizations as well as to Australian branches of global customers. …

What carrier works in Colombia?

The major ones are Claro, Tigo, and Movistar. The most extensive network is Claro, but all 3 networks will work in any city of Colombia.

Can I send a phone to Colombia?

Cellphones will only be permitted as courier if the invoice contains the EMEI number (limit 1 cellphone per shipment). … Cellphone or Tablet model must be approved for use in Colombia.

Which is the best mobile network in Colombia?

Tigo provided the best mobile experience to its subscribers in Colombia, with the operator dominating in five of the six metrics tested.