Do I need a visa to go to Suriname?

Visas. You will need an e-visa to enter Suriname. Alternatively, if you are travelling for the purposes of tourism, you can get an e-tourist card for stays of up to 90 days.

Do I need visa for Suriname?

If you want to visit Suriname as a foreign national, you will have to obtain a visa to enter the country. Suriname allows citizens from certain countries to be visa exempt visitors meaning you would not need a visa. If you have to get a visa, our Suriname E-Tourist card is the perfect fit for modern-day travelers.

How much is Suriname visa fee?

Fee Payment

Visa Type Single/Multiple Fees
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry USD 60
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry USD 210
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry (Surinamese Origin Applicants) USD 200
Tourist Visa Multiple Entry (USA Passport Holders) USD 160

Can I get visa on arrival in Suriname?

Can I obtain a visa? No, your passport has to be valid at least (minimum) 6 months on arrival. You may travel on an emergency passport with a validity of 6 months.

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How can I get Suriname tourist visa?

How to Apply?

  1. Step 1: Provide the Application details and upload the necessary Documents. …
  2. Step 2: Pay the fee online. …
  3. Step 3: Download the E-Visa receipt.

Do they speak English in Suriname?

Dutch may be the official language of Suriname,1 but most Surinamese speak Sranan, an English-based creole, which has been influenced by Dutch and Portuguese along with some West African languages.

Is Suriname a poor country?

The poverty rate in Suriname rests at 47%. Nearly one out of every two people in the country live in poverty. Many children suffer from Suriname’s poverty. Too many of Surinamese children are left with no choice but to work illegally in order to provide for the needs of their family.

How long does it take to get a visa for Suriname?

The processing time for the Suriname e-Visa typically ranges from 3 business days to 7 business days from the date of application. So be sure to apply in time for your trip. If there is an issue with your application or processing, then it may take longer to process your information.

Do UK citizens need a visa for Suriname?

Visas. You will need an e-visa to enter Suriname. Alternatively, if you are travelling for the purposes of tourism, you can get an e-tourist card for stays of up to 90 days.

Do you pay for E visa?

The fees vary from country to country. You should plan to pay approximately $100 for the online application. Acceptable methods of payment include a major credit card or debit bank card. If the e-visa application is approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your e-Visa document, usually in PDF format.

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How do I become a resident of Suriname?

You can apply for an extension of your tourist visa, to get the Suriname Permanent Residence. The immigration officer will ask for the following as a part of the process: A tourist/visitor’s visa. Passport, which is valid for at least six months yet.

Is Suriname safe?

Suriname is generally a very safe country for travel. Though issues relating to political protests, violence, petty crime and governmental corruption persist, there’s nothing overbearingly obvious that should stop your trip to Suriname.

What is the name of Suriname International Airport?

Zanderij International Airport, also known as Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport, serves the city of Paramaribo, Suriname. It is the primary airport for commercial air services to Paramaribo, which is also served by the regional facility, Zorg en Hoop Airport.

Can I work in Suriname?

Work Permits for Suriname

Expats working in Suriname will need a work permit, unless they are married to a Surinamese citizen, will be working as a civil servant, or have the status of CARICOM competent citizen. … Work permits are typically issued within 30 days of application.

What language do they speak in Suriname?

Sranan is spoken by almost the entire population of Suriname as either a first or a second language, as well as by a large emigrant population in the Netherlands. It functions as a lingua franca and as a national language of Suriname, although it has less prestige than Dutch, the country’s official language.

What nationality is Suriname?

Suriname is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the Americas. Most of its people are descended from African slaves and Indian and Javanese indentured labourers brought over by the Dutch to work in agriculture. Most political parties are ethnically based.

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