Can I mail vitamins to Colombia?

Colombia has no current restrictions for shipping vitamins or supplements to consumers in country. It therefore represents a relatively untapped market with fewer logistics costs and complications.

Can I ship medicine to Colombia?

Pharmaceutical shipments require a certificate from the National Institute of Caution of Medicamentos and Food. Depending on the product, a certificate of INVIMA (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos) and a sanitary register from the Health Ministry may also be required.

Can I ship vitamins internationally?

Yes, you can ship vitamins and supplements without any trouble! There aren’t any special tips or tricks for doing so; you’ll just want to make sure to save the most money on your shipments.

What can I not ship to Colombia?

Colombia Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • Animal skins.
  • Antiques.
  • Bio Products, Haz.
  • Chemicals, Haz and Non-Hazardous.
  • Grain samples.
  • Ice, Wet.
  • Liquids, Haz.
  • Medicines, food and products for personal care (deodorant, shampoo, etc.) from Venezuela.

Can the US ship to Colombia?

Yes, USPS delivers to Colombia. They offer several methods including USPS ePacket, USPS Priority, USPS Express.

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How can I send something to Colombia?

The cheapest way to send a package to Colombia from the USA is with Asendia. Asendia ePAQ Plus is a tracked mail service suitable for shipping small packets and parcels (up to 4lbs). This service is ideal for eCommerce retailers looking to reduce their shipping costs or individuals shipping on a budget.

How do I contact Colombian customs?

Register your trip with the US Department of State!

  1. For further assistance please contact the Colombian Customs authorities directly. …
  2. Colombian Customs contact information.
  3. Address: …
  4. Telephone: +5713256800.
  5. Website:

Can I send vitamins to EU?

Yes, you can legally mail most vitamins internationally. There are no restrictions regarding vitamins and minerals sent for personal use, as long as they do not contain any restricted or prohibited additives.

Can I mail vitamins to Germany?

WIESBADEN, Germany (June 8, 2015) — German law prohibits many items from being imported into the country by mail. … Items intended for a home-based business, medications, vitamins, health care supplements, meat products and coffee are some of the products that can’t be sent to your Army Post Office box.

Can I ship supplement?

Shipping vitamins and supplements into Canada is regulated by Health Canada. … Please note that Canada sometimes prohibits the importation of more than a 90 days’ supply of some dietary supplements (Canadian Natural Health Products) in a single order.

Can you send chocolate to Colombia?

So items such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question. Additionally, items such as cakes or chocolates are also tough to send as they are likely to melt in a hot weather or shipping depots in Colombia that are not always air conditioned.

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Can I send medicine from Colombia to USA?

In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import drugs or devices into the U.S. for personal use because these products purchased from other countries often have not been approved by the FDA for use and sale in the U.S. For example, a drug approved for use in another country but not approved by the FDA …

Do you need a commercial invoice to ship to Colombia?

For Document Shipments

A document is generally defined as a written, typed, or printed communication of no commercial value. When you ship international documents in a UPS Express Envelope, or in any other packaging, you only need to complete a UPS shipping label. Generally, an invoice is not required.

Does Colombia use postal codes?

Postal codes in Colombia are 6 digit numeric. The first group of two digits are the numbers used by DANE to encode the departments. The second group of two digits in the range of 00 to 89 encode postal zones, where 00 is used for the department capital. In the range of 90 – 99 it has another meaning.

Is FedEx delivering to Colombia?

FedEx Express has been successfully serving Colombia through a (dedicated) service provider since 1993. … Its international shipping portfolio includes a suite of economy services like FedEx International Economy® and FedEx International Economy® Freight.

Does UPS deliver to Colombia?

UPS has a strategic alliance with Deprisa, S.A., a leading specialized logistics company in Colombia. … These locations provide UPS shipping services to businesses throughout the country to reach the more than 220 countries and territories serviced by UPS around the world.

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