What is something special about Argentina?

Argentina is a land of extremes! It boasts the highest literacy rate in South America and the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere – Mount Aconcagua (6,962 metres) which lies in Argentina’s Province of Mendoza; and the lowest point, – Laguna del Carbon (-105 metres) – in the Province of Santa Cruz.

What makes Argentina so special?

Argentina is also a nation of spectacular natural wonders. The glaciers and mountains of Patagonia are splendorous and the waterfalls in Iguazu are the biggest and most beautiful in the world. Enjoy the greatest hiking in the world, experience amazing excursions, and partake in numerous sports activities.

What is the best thing about Argentina?

Friendly people. One of the best things about living in Argentina are the people. Argentines are warm, friendly, open and generous, and will thinking nothing of inviting you to a barbeque even if you have only met them once. They will happily help you move house and even forgive your beginner’s Spanish.

How would you describe Argentina?

Argentina is a vast country located in the southern part of South America. … Argentina is bordered by the Andes Mountains and Chile to the west. To the east of the Andes, the interior of the country is flat, fertile grassland called the Pampas. The eastern border of the country is the Atlantic Ocean.

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What are 3 interesting facts about Argentina?

22 Amazing Facts About Argentina

  • Argentina produced the world’s first animated feature film in 1917. …
  • Yerba Mate is the most popular drink in Argentina. …
  • Argentina is home to both the highest and lowest points of the Southern Hemisphere. …
  • The capital of Argentina Buenos Aires translates to the ‘good airs’ or ‘fair winds’

Why is Argentina such a mess?

The pandemic has accelerated an exodus of foreign investment, which has pushed down the value of the Argentine peso. That has increased the costs of imports like food and fertilizer, and kept the inflation rate above 40 percent. More than four in 10 Argentines are mired in poverty.

Is Argentina a rich country?

In the first third of the 20th century, it was one of the ten wealthiest countries in the world, today it is 63 (IMF, 2017). … Argentina is one of the countries that has registered a greater economic deterioration during the last century.

Is Argentina a 1st world country?

Argentina is a regional power, and retains its historic status as a middle power in international affairs. Argentina is a developing country that ranks 46th in the Human Development Index, the second-highest in Latin America after Chile.


Argentine Republic República Argentina (Spanish)
Official languages Spanish

What is Argentina culture?

Argentine culture is a blend of European customs and Latin American and indigenous traditions. Argentines are quite proud of their nation and its blended heritage as well as their ability to rise above adversity. … However, the geographic distinction that Argentines are most aware of is between rural and urban areas.

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Is Argentina a good country?

The World Bank classifies Argentina as a high-income nation. The country’s economy is driven by manufacturing, agricultural exports, natural resources and the services industry, which includes a thriving tourism industry. [Explore the top universities in Argentina.]

What are 10 interesting facts about Argentina?

10 interesting facts you didn’t know about Argentina

  • Invented Radio Broadcasting. …
  • Two female presidents. …
  • Pato: Official National Sport in Argentina. …
  • Eat Gnocchi on the 29th of each month. …
  • Created first animated feature film. …
  • One of the biggest film industries in the the Spanish-speaking world.

What are 5 interesting facts about Buenos Aires Argentina?

5 cool facts about Buenos Aires

  • Bookstores everywhere. …
  • Buenos Aires metro system is the oldest in Latin America. …
  • The widest street in the world: Avenida 9 de Julio. …
  • There are so many dogs and cats (uncountable). …
  • First Latin America city that recognized LGBT rights.