What happened to the 33 miners in Chile?

Our accident opened borders, it made our country known and we’ve been treated terribly,” says Mario Sepulveda, 49. On August 5, 2010, just after lunch, part of the San Jose copper mine in northern Chile collapsed underground, turning the 33 men — aged from 19 to 63 at the time — into prisoners.

Did The 33 miners in Chile survive?

The accident trapped 33 men 700 meters (2,300 ft) underground who survived for a record 69 days. All were rescued and brought to the surface on 13 October 2010 over a period of almost 24 hours. … Three of the rescued miners had immediate surgery under general anesthesia for dental problems.

How many Chilean miners got trapped?

Chilean miner trapped underground a decade ago recalls the day he saw the light. SANTIAGO (Reuters) – The spectacular rescue a decade ago of 33 miners trapped for two months underground in Chile´s far-flung Atacama desert made headlines around the world.

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How many of the Chilean miners went back to mining?

For 69 days in 2010, the world held its breath hoping for the safe return of 33 men trapped in a mine in Chile and people from all over the world helped in the rescue – including members of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

How many Chilean miners died?

2010 Copiapó mining accident

Rescue efforts at the mine on 10 August 2010
Date 5 August – 13 October 2010 (69 days)
Coordinates 27.158609°S 70.497655°WCoordinates:27.158609°S 70.497655°W
Outcome All 33 trapped miners rescued
Property damage Total closure and loss as of August 2010

Is the Chilean mine still open?

San Esteban Mining Company is considering bankruptcy after the miners are rescued. San José is the only mine owned by San Esteban. President of Chile Sebastián Piñera said on October 12 that “the mine will remain closed until security measures that guard the life and dignity of the workers are established.”

What caused Chile’s mines?

SANTIAGO, Chile — When the dust settled several hours after the mine caved in on them, the 33 miners began climbing the emergency ladder in a ventilation shaft that would lead them to the surface 2,300 feet above.

Did the 33 miners get any money?

They were offered free travel, given $10,000 each by an eccentric Chilean businessman, and Antonio Banderas starred as Sepulveda in “The 33,” a Hollywood retelling of their story. But the good times didn’t last, as several of them told AFP.

Did all 33 miners live?

The note said all 33 men were alive. After an arduous rescue process, involving three different drilling projects racing to pull the miners from their underground prison, the miners were extracted one-by-one in a capsule called the Phoenix.

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How much did it cost to save the Chilean miners?

The complicated mission to save 33 men from the collapsed San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile, which ended successfully Wednesday night, will cost an estimated $10 million to $20 million, according to Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

How long did it take to rescue the 33 miners?

After 69 days trapped deep in Chile’s San José copper mine, 33 miners, hauled from the depths one at a time, stepped out of the tiny capsule and into the embrace of a cheering world.

Is the 33 A true story?

The film is based on the real events of the 2010 mining disaster, in which a group of thirty-three miners were trapped inside the San José Mine in Chile for 69 days. The film stars Antonio Banderas as trapped miner Mario Sepúlveda.

What did the Chilean miners eat and drink?

WHAT DID THEY EAT? From the August 5 cave-in until they established contact with the surface 17 days later, the miners rationed themselves to two spoonfuls of tuna, half a cookie and a half-full glass of milk every 48 hours.

How many miners died in the movie 33?

Because, as the film states in the opening credits, 12,000 miners die every year worldwide, the 33 men in Chile were initially written off as dead.

How much do Chilean miners get paid?

The average pay for a Miner is CLP 10,775,212 a year and CLP 5,180 an hour in Santiago, Chile.

How did the 33 miners get rescued?

On Oct. 13, 2010, all 33 of those Chilean miners trapped for 69 days inside the San Jose Mine were raised to the surface of the earth — resurrected — through a newly drilled escape tunnel into which a capsule was slowly lowered and raised by a giant crane. It was a feat of engineering and a triumph of faith.

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