What do I need to take my cat to Colombia?

Dogs and cats must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian and endorsed by USDA APHIS Veterinary Services within 10 days of travel. The rabies vaccination certificate must accompany your pet and the health certificate to Colombia.

What paperwork do I need to bring my cat on a plane?

Most airlines require a valid health certificate for travel completed by your veterinarian in order for your cat to fly with you. Be sure all relevant vaccinations are up to date and be sure to have your cat’s rabies vaccination certificate handy when traveling.

Are pets allowed to travel to Colombia?

You can travel to Colombia with a dog, cat or other household pet with only a few requirements. Colombia does not require an import permit for personal pets from any country. And there is no pet microchip required for Colombia. Several Medellin Readers asked about travel with a pet to Colombia.

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Do cats need papers to cross the border?

Effective 12/16/2019: A health certificate for dogs and cats is no longer needed to enter Mexico. Dogs and cats may be taken to the border without health certificate documentation, they will be inspected by SENASICA upon arrival.

Can I bring my cat from Colombia to USA?

Pet cats are subject to inspection at ports of entry. A general certificate of health is not required by CDC for entry of pet cats into the United States, although some airlines or states may require them. … Cats are not required to have proof of rabies vaccination for importation into the United States.

How do cats go to the bathroom on a plane?

Take along portable litter tray, and several small bags of litter in zip lock bags. (It’s a good idea to put a small amount of liter out of the at home liter box so that he or she will recognize the smell.) … We carry excellent in-cabin bags for cats. We suggest the SturdiBag pet carriers as they are airline compliant.

Do cats need passports?

Why Does Your Pet Need a Passport? A “pet passport” demonstrates that your pet is healthy and up-to-date on all required vaccinations and treatments. Without a passport, your dog, cat or pet won’t be able to travel to your destination country or could be subject to lengthy, lonely quarantines.

Can you bring a cat to Colombia?

Other Pets

An import permit is required for the importation of all pets into Columbia. Colombia requires that all animal shipments, except pet dogs and cats, be accompanied by an import permit issued in advance by Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA).

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What dogs are banned in Colombia?

Banned Breeds

Imports of specimens of canine breeds Staffordshire Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Rottweiler or any crosses or hybrids of these breeds are not permitted to enter Colombia.

What airlines allow pets in the cargo?

Comparing airline pet policies

Airline Price per pet Allowed in cargo?
American Airlines $125 No, due to COVID-19
United Airlines Cabin: $125 Cargo: Varies by weight Yes
Delta Airlines $125 to/from US, Canada, Puerto Rico $75 to/from Brazil $200 Virgin Islands/International No, due to COVID-19
Southwest Airlines $95 No

Do you need a health certificate for a cat to cross state lines?

For example, there is no requirement for pets to have a health certificate to enter into California. … To check to see whether or not a specific state requires a pet health certificate for entry, use the United States Department of Agriculture website to see what will be needed for traveling from state to state.

What is required for a pet health certificate?

The health certificate must be signed by an accredited veterinarian after examining your pet and determining that it is free of infectious diseases and satisfies all import requirements of the receiving state, territory, or country. International travel often requires USDA endorsement of the certificate.

What do I need to cross the border with my cat?


  1. A veterinarian issued health certificate stating your pet is healthy and fit to fly. …
  2. Cats are not required to have proof of rabies vaccination for importation into the United States. …
  3. Optional vaccines include Feline enteritis (also known as Feline panleukopenia or Feline distemper), Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus.
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How much does it cost to import a cat?

Fees are outlined on the Department of Agriculture website and will vary, however, you can expect to pay approximately $2,000 for one cat. There can be additional fees if your pet requires veterinary treatments or an extended stay.

Can you cross the border with a cat?

Dogs, cats, and turtles are free of duty. Other pets imported into the United States, if subject to a customs duty, may be included in your personal exemption if they accompany you and are imported for your personal use and not for sale.

Can cats fly internationally?

Generally, you’ll need to pay about $100 extra to bring your cat on the plane. You’ll also have to place your cat in a special carrier that can fit under the passenger seat in front of you. … Some airlines don’t allow cats in the cabin on international flights.