How much energy does Argentina consume?

Per capita consumption in Argentina is the second highest in Latin America after Chile (1.6 toe/cap). Electricity demand per capita is around 2 700 kWh/cap (2020). Total consumption declined by 1.1%/year over 2016-2019 and by 9% in 2020 to 71 Mtoe.

How much energy does Argentina consume in a year?

of electric energy per year. Per capita this is an average of 2,667 kWh.

Production capacities per energy source.

Energy source Actual total production
total in Argentina 131.90 bn kWh
percentage in Argentina 39.3 %
percentage USA 43.0 %
per capita in Argentina 2,906.77 kWh

How is electricity used in Argentina?

Argentina generates electricity using thermal power plants based on fossil fuels (60%), hydroelectric plants (36%), and nuclear plants (3%), while wind and solar power accounted for less than 1%. Installed nominal capacity in 2019 was 38,922 MW.

What percentage of Argentina has access to electricity?

Access to electricity (% of population) in Argentina was reported at 100 % in 2019, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

What energy sources does Argentina use?

2, Argentina has an energy generation system with three main sources of energy: fossil, hydro, and nuclear power. Wind and solar energy are still relatively small.

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Does Argentina import energy?

Argentina – Net energy imports as a share of energy use

In 2014, energy imports for Argentina was 13 %. Energy imports of Argentina increased from -24.2 % in 1995 to 13 % in 2014 growing at an average annual rate of 18.83%.

What renewable energy does Argentina use?

Argentina has some of Latin America’s most abundant renewable energy resources—steady winds in southern Patagonia, year-round sunshine in the remote northwest, and hydropower and biomass fed by rivers and expansive farmland.

What voltage is Argentina?

Argentina operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.

What is Brazil Renewable Energy?

Brazil has a well-developed hydro and renewables sector that represent more than 39 per cent of the overall internal energy supply, and more than 78 per cent of the installed capacity. Nonetheless, there is unexploited potential in sectors such as wind, solar and floating solar PV.

How much energy does each country use?

List of countries by electricity consumption

Rank Country/Region Average electrical energy per capita (kWh per person per year)
World 3081
1 China 5,312
2 United States 12,154
3 India 935

Does Argentina have fossil fuels?

Natural gas accounted for about half of Argentina’s electricity generation in 2016, followed by a 28% share of hydroelectricity. Most of the remaining power generation is fueled by petroleum products or nuclear and very small amounts of coal and other renewables.

Does Argentina have oil?

Argentina possesses the world’s 4th largest reserve of shale oil and 2nd largest reserve of shale gas, of which about 54,000boe/d is currently in production. … The Vaca Muerta shale formation is located in the provinces of Neuquén and Mendoza.

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What did Argentina export?

Economy of Argentina

Exports $54.88 billion (2020)
Export goods Soybeans and derivatives, petroleum and gas, vehicles, corn, wheat
Main export partners Brazil(-) 15.0% China(+) 10.0% United States(+) 6.0% Chile(+) 5.0% (2020)
Imports $42.35 billion (2020)