Your question: What is the name of region 1 in Guyana?

What is the name of region 2 in Guyana?

Pomeroon-Supenaam (Region 2) is a region of Guyana. Venezuela claims the territory as part of Guayana Esequiba. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the region of Essequibo Islands-West Demerara to the east, the region of Cuyuni-Mazaruni to the south and the region of Barima-Waini to the west.

What are the names of the regions in Guyana?

The ten (10) Administrative Regions of Guyana are:

  • Region 1 – Barima-Waini.
  • Region 2 – Pomeroon-Supenaam.
  • Region 3 – Essequibo Islands-West Demerara.
  • Region 4 – Demerara-Mahaica.
  • Region 5 – Mahaica-Berbice.
  • Region 6 – East Berbice-Corentyne.
  • Region 7 – Cuyuni-Mazaruni.
  • Region 8 – Potaro-Siparuni.

What is the name for region 3?

Essequibo Islands-West Demerara

Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region 3
Map of Guyana showing Essequibo Islands-West Demerara region
Country Guyana
Regional Capital Vreed-en-Hoop

What region is Linden?

Linden, Guyana

Country Guyana
Region Upper Demerara-Berbice
Elevation 157 ft (48 m)
Population (2012)
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What is the name of region 1?


Barima-Waini Region 1
Country Guyana Claimed by Venezuela (as part of Delta Amacuro state)
Regional Capital Mabaruma
• Total 20,399 km2 (7,876 sq mi)

What is the name of region 9?

Region 9, also known as the Zamboanga Peninsula Region lies at the Southernmost portion of the Philippine archipelago. Located at the western tip of the island of Mindanao, Zamboanga Peninsula is strategically situated in close proximity to Sabah, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia.

How many regions Guyana have?

Guyana is divided into 10 Regions: No. Pop. Pop.

Is Bartica found in region 2?

Bartica, Essequibo, is a town on the left bank of the Essequibo River in Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region 7), at the confluence of the Cuyuni and Mazaruni Rivers with the Essequibo River in Guyana.

What is the name of region 8 in Guyana?

The main towns in the region are Kangaruma, Orinduik, Potaro Landing, Mahdia, Saveretik and Tumatumari.

Capital Mahdia
Area 20,051 km2 (7,742 sq mi)
Population (2012) 10,190

What region is Region 2?

Region codes and countries

Region code Area
2 Europe (without Belarus, Ukraine and Russia), Greenland, British Overseas Territories, Overseas France, Turkey, Middle East, Egypt, Tunisia, Eswatini, Lesotho, South Africa, and Japan
3 Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

What is the region of Guyana?

Some geographers classify Guyana as a part of the Caribbean region, which they deem to include the West Indies as well as Guyana, Belize, Suriname, and French Guiana on the South American mainland. The capital and chief port of Guyana is Georgetown.

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What is the name of region 10 in Guyana?

Region 10 – Upper Demerara – Berbice | Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Which region is Bartica located in Guyana?

Bartica, town, north-central Guyana, in tropical rainforests in which the Essequibo, Mazaruni, and Cuyuni rivers meet. A small commercial centre, Bartica is situated at the head of the Essequibo River, 50 miles (80 km) inland from the Atlantic Ocean, and it is linked by air with Georgetown, the national capital.

Where is region 11 in Guyana?

Guyana, which is located on the northern shoulder of South America, is divided into 10 administrative regions. Some Guyanese, myself included, refer to all lands beyond Guyana’s 83,000 square miles where Guyanese reside, as “Region 11.”

Which is the biggest county in Guyana?

Largest cities

Rank Name Region
1 Georgetown Demerara-Mahaica
2 Linden Upper Demerara-Berbice
3 New Amsterdam East Berbice-Corentyne
4 Corriverton East Berbice-Corentyne