Your question: What are common Brazilian last names?

What is the most common Brazilian name?

Brazil names: Most common first and last names

  • Maria – 11,694,738 people.
  • Ana – 3,079,729 people.
  • Francisca – 721,637 people.
  • Antônia – 588,783 people.
  • Adriana – 565,621 people.
  • Juliana – 562,589 people.
  • Márcia – 551,855 people.
  • Fernanda – 531,607 people.

What is a typical Brazilian name?

Maria is the most common name in Brazil, with nearly 6% of all Brazilian inhabitants. IBGE separately accounted different written forms like Ana and Anna, or Luiz and Luis, but they did not consider diacritic variations of the names, therefore Luís was counted as the name Luis.

Which last name goes first in Brazil?

Formerly a colony of Portugal, Brazil largely uses Portuguese naming conventions, which often gives people four names: their given name – which is often two to include a saint’s name and/or a preposition (da, das, do, dos or de); the mother’s last name; and then the father’s last name.

Why do Brazilians have so many last names?

Brazilian names are mainly long because they’re composed of the person’s first name + a surname from the father’s side of the family + another surname from the mother’s family.

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What is a Brazilian last name?


Rank Surname Share of Brazilian population (in number of inhabitants)
1 Silva 10,5%
2 Santos 6,8%
3 Sousa 4,9%
4 Oliveira 3,1%

Is Elena a Brazilian name?

Elena is a popular female given name of Greek origin. The name means “shining light”.

Elena (given name)

Gender Female
Word/name Greece
Meaning bright, shining light
Other names

How do Brazilian last names work?

Most people in Brazil have two surnames inherited from the mother and the father, in that order. Furthermore, people that get married may or may not adopt the surname of the other party but traditionally women drop the surname of the mother and add that of the husband.

Is Brazil a boy or girl name?

Brazil – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What are some Brazilian girl names?

Most popular Brazilian girls’ names

  • Maria.
  • Ana.
  • Francisca.
  • Antônia.
  • Adriana.
  • Juliana.
  • Márcia.
  • Fernanda.

Do Brazilians have middle name?

The concept of middle name doesn’t exist in Brazil. The full name is divided between nome (name) and sobrenome (surname). As other already said in their answers, it’s possible and common to have more than one name and more than one surname (and that’s why we don’t call surname “last name”) and there are no limits.

Why do Brazilian names end in SON?

However, the suffix -son, in Brazil, means nothing at all.

Unlike the Portuguese, who rarely import given names, but change them according to their language (Margareth becomes Margarida, Charles becomes Carlos) Brazilians often import them as they are and even coin new ones according to their taste.

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What are Portuguese last names?

Most common surnames in Portugal and Brazil

Order Surname Frequency %
1 Silva 9,44%
2 Santos 5,96%
3 Ferreira 5,25%
4 Pereira 4,88%

Is Da Silva a Portuguese name?

Portuguese (Da Silva): topographic name for someone who lived by a wood, from Latin silva ‘wood’.

What do you call a Portuguese person?

people from Portugal are called Portuguese. Sometimes, Portuguese people, amongst themselves, call themselves Lusitanos, that is the name of a tribe that existed in the Iberian peninsula at the time of the Romans.