Where is Jordan Chiles from?

Where is Jordan Chiles parents from?

Early and personal life. Chiles was born in Tualatin, Oregon, on April 15, 2001, to Timothy and Gina Chiles.

Is Jordan Chiles African-American?

Jordan Chiles Ethnicity & Nationality

Jordan Chiles’s ethnicity is African-American. Jordan holds American nationality.

Where does Jordan Chiles go to college?

Sunisa Lee was born Sunisa Phabsomphou on March 9, 2003, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Yeev Thoj, a healthcare worker. Lee is of Hmong descent, and her mother, a refugee, immigrated to the United States from Laos as a child.

Where is mykayla Skinner from?

Simone Biles stands at 1.42 meters, which is 4’8″ inches tall.

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