What region is Uruguay located in?

What is the region for Uruguay?

Uruguay is a country in the southeastern region of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, between Argentina and Brazil.

Geography of Uruguay.

Continent South America
Region Americas
Coordinates 33°00′S 56°00′W
Area Ranked 89
• Total 176,215 km2 (68,037 sq mi)

What is the capital of Uruguay and where is it located?


Oriental Republic of Uruguay República Oriental del Uruguay (Spanish)
Location of Uruguay (dark green) in South America (grey)
Capital and largest city Montevideo 34°53′S 56°10′W
Official language Spanish
Regional language Uruguayan Portuguese

Is Uruguay part of the tropics?

Uruguay is below the tropical zone and has four seasons. The average summer high temperature is 82 degrees F, cooling down to 63 F at night. The average winter high temperature is 57 degrees F, cooling down to 43 F at night. … Uruguay is also among the top countries in the region when it comes to infrastructure.

What is the geography of Uruguay?

Geography and Climate

Uruguay is located in southern South America, with borders on the South Atlantic Ocean, Argentina, and Brazil. It is a relatively small country with a topography consisting mostly of rolling plains and low hills. Its coastal regions are made up of fertile lowlands.

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What are the four regions of Uruguay?

The Four Faces of Uruguay: Interior, the Littoral, Greater Montevideo, and the Coast. Every region of Uruguay has its own unique charms.

What region is Paraguay in?

Paraguay, landlocked country in south-central South America.

Are Paraguay and Uruguay the same?

Paraguay has an embassy and a consulate-general in Montevideo. Uruguay has an embassy and a consulate-general in Asunción.

Country comparison.

Uruguay hide Paraguay
Area 176,215 km2 (68,037 sq mi) 406,752 km2 (157,048 sq mi)
Population density 18.6 km2 (7.2 sq mi) 17.2 km2 (6.6 sq mi)

What is the capital of Uruguay in English?

Montevideo (Spanish pronunciation: [monteβiˈðeo]) is the capital and largest city of Uruguay.


Montevideo The Very Loyal and Reconquering City of San Felipe y Santiago de Montevideo
• Capital city 201 km2 (77.5 sq mi)
• Metro 1,640 km2 (633 sq mi)

Why is Uruguay not part of Argentina?

Because Brazil didn’t allowed it. Argentina supported a rebellion in the Brazilian Cisplatina province (A.K.A. Uruguay), the only Spanish Province of the Brazilian Empire, in order to annex it.

Is Uruguay poor?

With a population of more than 3.4 million and about 60% of them comprising the middle class, Uruguay stands as one of the most economically stable countries in the region. In fact, Uruguay has the lowest poverty rate in South America and is ranked high on such well-being indices as the Human Development Index.

Is Uruguay a Third World?

The “Second World” countries were the Communist Bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, China, and their allies.

Third World Countries 2021.

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Country Human Development Index 2021 Population
Uruguay 0.804 3,485,151
Bahamas 0.807 396,913
Belarus 0.808 9,442,862
Romania 0.811 19,127,774

Is Uruguay mountainous?

Uruguay has no mountain ranges. Cerro Catedral (514 meters/1,686 feet in elevation), near the southern coast, is the country’s highest point.

What is Uruguay climate?

Uruguay has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa according to the Köppen climate classification). It is fairly uniform nationwide, since the country is located entirely within the temperate zone. Seasonal variations do exist, but extremes in temperature are rare. … Weather is sometimes humid.

Is Uruguay a peninsula?

Uruguay’s Coast Fronting the Atlantic Ocean

The Punta del Este Peninsula is the official dividing point between the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean. On both sides of the peninsula, you’ll find long sand beaches.