What is the poorest country in Central and South America?

As of October 2019, the countries that have the highest rates of poverty per population in South America are Suriname, Bolivia, Guyana, and Venezuela.

What is the poorest country in Central America?

Honduras: Is the second-poorest country in Central America, with 60% living in poverty according to the CIA World Factbook.

Gross domestic product by country (2012)

Countries El Salvador
GDP PPP per capita $7,734
nominal GDP $23,985,000,000
nominal GDP per capita $4,108

What is the poorest country of South America?

Here are the 10 poorest countries in South America: Montserrat ($62.05 Mn)

Poorest Countries in South America 2021.

Country Bolivia
GDP (IMF ’19) $43.69 Bn
GDP (UN ’16) $33.81 Bn
Per Capita $33.81 Bn

What is South America’s richest and poorest countries?

World Bank list

Rank Country Year
1 Chile 2019 est.
2 Argentina 2019 est.
3 Uruguay 2019 est.
4 Suriname 2019 est.

What are the worst countries in South America?

Most Dangerous Countries in South America

  • Venezuela.
  • Colombia.
  • Brazil.
  • Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Guyana.
  • Paraguay.
  • Bolivia.
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What is the third poorest country in Central America?


Honduras has a per capita GDP of $2,172, making Honduras the third-poorest country in North America. More than half of Honduras’s population of 9 million lives in poverty. Many people are also underemployed due to an economy that is not growing quickly enough with the growing population.

Is Trinidad a poor country?

The economy of Trinidad and Tobago is the third wealthiest in the Caribbean and the fifth-richest by GDP (PPP) per capita in the Americas. Trinidad and Tobago is recognised as a high-income economy by the World Bank.

Is Colombia a poor country?

Colombia is classified as an upper middle-income economy and is one of Latin America’s largest economies, according to the International Monetary Fund. … Poverty rates remain high and income inequality is one of the highest in Latin America and the world.

Why are South American countries poor?

Unequal land/wealth distribution, corruption and eco-political instability still remain some of the common and overarching reasons behind the region’s struggle with poverty and its aftereffects.

Is Chile a poor country?

Poverty in Chile has a fairly low percentage of 14.4 percent, which is lower than the United States. However, Chile’s problem lies in the country’s high rates of income inequality: and this alone has driven around 10 percent of people into poverty. The inequality also reverts back to the poor education systems.

What is the poorest Spanish speaking country?

Venezuela is the poorest country in South America, with a per capita GDP of only $3,374.

Which country in South America is the wealthiest?

List of Latin American and Caribbean countries by GDP (PPP)

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Rank Nation GDP (PPP) per capita (Intl$)
1 Brazil 15,642
2 Mexico 20,942
3 Argentina 21,963
4 Colombia 15,184

What is the safest country in Central America?

Costa Rica is consistently rated as the safest country in all of Central America and the Caribbean – an awesome piece of news for anyone looking for a tropical paradise to escape to.

What is the safest country in Central and South America?

Why It’s Safe: Costa Rica is currently ranked the safest country in Central America by the Global Peace Index.

What is the safest country in South America to live?

Uruguay is the safest country in South America in 2021! What is this? Known for its friendly locals and beautiful beaches, Uruguay offers an authentic and safe destination without the crowds.