Is South America expensive to backpack?

-A Comfortable backpacker’s budget when sleeping in a hostel dormitory bed, cooking for yourself or eating in cheap local restaurants, being selective on activities and traveling with public transport should be around $35 per day, so $1000 per month.

Is it cheap to backpack South America?

A good rule of thumb is you’ll need about $1100 a month for traveling on a budget in South America (for one person). … Or a lot more if you splurge on flights, spend your time in the most expensive countries, or go crazy with booking special trips (Galapagos cruise, Machu Picchu trek, etc.).

How much money do you need to backpack South America for 6 months?

Shoestring Budget for 1 to 6 Months in South America

A figure of $1000 per month is a reasonable starting point for a shoestring budget for the region. Visit predominantly the Andean region of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and you can get by on less.

Can you backpack South America?

South America attracts an older, more experience, backpacker crowd than the Southeast Asia backpacking circuit, if you want to get off the beaten track whilst still having the option to meet plenty of other backpackers, South America is the place to level up your backpacking game and head on a real adventure…

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How much does it cost to backpack in Argentina?

Backpacking Argentina is far cheaper than its neighbour, Brazil. Expect to budget around $40-60 per day, or more if you’re doing tours and treks. See below for an idea of how much you’ll spend on transport, accommodation and activities in Argentina.

Is Peru or Colombia cheaper?

Colombia is 13.0% cheaper than Peru.

Why is South America so expensive?

Originally Answered: Why is flying in South-America so expensive as compared to Europe? Two main reasons, one being that demand is growing faster than capacity, both in number of flights and size of the airports; the other being that there is not yet a well developed network of low cost airlines and low cost hubs.

Is South America cheap?

South America is an amazing continent to travel on a budget, though you would be wrong to assume that every country in South America is cheap! The least expensive countries are Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, each attracting large numbers of budget travellers. … Ecuador has a fairly low cost of living.

What is the cheapest country in South America?

Bolivia is always made out to be the cheapest country in South America — and while a case can certainly be made for it — you must be clever about where and what you spend your money on if you really want to get the best bargain out of Bolivia.

How much does it cost to live in South America?

South America: Cost of Living Index by Country 2019 Mid-Year

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Rank Country Cost of Living Index
1 Uruguay 54.91
2 Chile 49.15
3 Brazil 42.64
4 Ecuador 41.99

How can I go to South America for cheap?

12 Cheap Travel Tips for Latin America

  1. 1) Pick the Right Destination(s) …
  2. 2) Avoid Brazil. …
  3. 3) Make Lunch the Big Meal. …
  4. 4) Head to the Market. …
  5. 5) Drink What’s Local. …
  6. 6) Don’t Book All Your Hotels in Advance. …
  7. 7) Take Your Time. …
  8. 8) Learn Some Spanish.

Is Colombia safe?

Colombia – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to Colombia due to crime and COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Colombia due to civil unrest, terrorism, and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk.

How safe is Chile?

Chile is amongst the safest countries on Earth

It is usually considered the safest country in South America, together with Uruguay. Thanks to its low crime rates and nice behavior towards travelers, the “thin country” can be considered a very safe destination (especially if you visit its spectacular national parks).

How do you get around South America?

Buses are the easiest way to get around and there are small minibuses too. There are internal flights down to Cuidad del Este if you prefer not to take the overnight bus there. International buses also operate from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

How long do you need in South America?

Here, we present to you three popular itineraries through South America that take at least 3-6 months to complete. This could easily be extended to a year or more if you fit more places in between.

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Is visiting Argentina cheap?

Argentina is a notoriously expensive country. … However, I was pleasantly surprised and found that, while expensive, Argentina still had plenty of opportunities to save money. Yes, the country is not as cheap as nearby Chile, Peru, or Bolivia, but Argentina doesn’t need to break the bank either.