How many Copa Americas has Peru won?

With 15 titles, Argentina and Uruguay are the most successful Copa América teams. Brazil has nine. The other former champions are Paraguay, Peru and Chile, with two titles each, and Bolivia, and Colombia, who have each won one.

Did Peru ever won the Copa América?

Ever since their first Copa América, Peru has had good showings. … Even though in 1939 Peru played against only 5 of the South American nations (with no participation from Argentina or Brazil), in 1975 Peru won the cup once more (this time with all the CONMEBOL teams participating).

How many cups has Peru won?

Peru has won the Copa América twice and qualified for FIFA World Cup finals five times (last appearing in 2018); the team also participated in the 1936 Olympic football competition and has reached the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Who has won the most Copa América titles?

Here is list of all winners of the tournament since the first in 1916. Uruguay have won the most tournaments (15 wins), with Argentina not far behind (14 wins). Brazil is the only other country with a significant number of wins (9).

Who won Copa America 2018?

2018 Copa América Femenina

CONMEBOL Copa América Femenina Chile 2018
Venue(s) 2 (in 2 host cities)
Final positions
Champions Brazil (7th title)
Runners-up Chile
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