Did the French supply Exocet missiles to Argentina?

But formerly secret papers and other evidence seen by the BBC show that was not the full story. Before the war, France sold Argentina’s military junta five Exocet missiles. At the time, few suspected that the regime’s longstanding claim on the Falklands would lead to war, and the sale went largely unnoticed.

Did France supply Exocet missiles to Argentina?

Before the war, France sold Argentina’s military junta five Exocet missiles. … He also allowed the Falklands-bound British fleet to use French port facilities in West Africa, as well as providing London with detailed information about planes and weaponry his country had sold to Buenos Aires.

Did France supply Argentina during the Falklands War?

When the war began, France embargoed weapons sales and support for Argentina. They also allowed the British to use French ports in West Africa and provided them with information on the weapons and planes that they had sold to Argentina. French President Francois Mitterrand made the decision to aid the British.

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Who helped Argentina in the Falklands War?

Brazil secretly helped supply weapons to Argentina during the Falklands War, it was revealed today. Brazil was officially neutral in the 1982 conflict, which began 20 years ago this month when Argentine forces occupied the islands.

Who sold weapons to Argentina?

Israel sold weapons to Argentina at the height of the Falklands War in 1982, according to newly declassified Foreign Office files. British diplomats cited evidence that Israel had supplied the Argentine military junta with arms that were used against the Task Force during the campaign to liberate the islands.

Where did Argentina get Exocet missiles?

Vital technical data on the French-made anti-ship Exocet missile was made available to the Ministry of Defence, the French having sold five to the Argentines before the war.

Will Argentina invade the Falklands?

The developments within Argentina’s economy means that the Falklands will likely be more important for the Argentine government to survive the economic and social fallout of a recession, compounded by the global pandemic. The chances of an invasion are so far unlikely, due to the existing UN Resolution on the issue.

How did France help us win Falklands War by John Nott?

FRANCE was Britain’s greatest ally during the Falklands war, providing secret information to enable MI6 agents to sabotage Exocet missiles which were desperately sought by Argentina, according to Sir John Nott, who was Defence Secretary during the conflict.

How many Exocet missiles did Argentina have?

Aérospatiale AM. 39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile: 5 units on Super Etendards. AS 30 air-surface missiles.

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What weapons did Argentina use in the Falklands war?


  • Pistols. Browning Hi-Power (9 mm) M1911A1 Colt (45ACP) Sistema Colt Modelo 1927 Cal.11.25mm (M1911A1 Colt Licensed – Manufactured in Argentina) …
  • Submachine guns. PAM-1 and PAM-2 La Engrasadora 9mm submachine gun. FMK-3. L34A1 Sterling. …
  • Rifles. FN FAL 50.61. FN FAL 50.41. M16A1 (Special forces)

Did American mercenaries fight in the Falklands?

No. The British Ministry of Defence stated that no American Mercenaries were encountered.

Did the US help the British in the Falklands War?

The United States supplied 12.5 million gallons of aviation fuel diverted from U.S. stockpiles, along with hundreds of Sidewinder missiles, airfield matting, thousands of rounds of mortar shells and other equipment, they said. … Defense Secretary Caspar W.

Did Israel help Argentina in the Falklands War?

Newly declassified files from the National Archives in Kew reveal that Israel supplied significant weaponry including strike aircraft to the Argentine Junta in the run-up to, and during, the 1982 conflict.

Did Israel supply Argentina in the Falklands War?

Israel secretly provided arms and supplies to Argentina during the Falklands conflict, according to revelations in a new book. … Some 255 British servicemen, more than 650 Argentines and three islanders were killed.