Best answer: How does Chile compare to the US?

How does Chile compare to the USA?

Chile is about 13 times smaller than United States.

United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, while Chile is approximately 756,102 sq km, making Chile 7.69% the size of United States. Meanwhile, the population of United States is ~332.6 million people (314.5 million fewer people live in Chile).

What does the US and Chile have in common?

The United States and Chile are strong partners in trade and investment as well as energy,climate change, and environmental cooperation. This relationship is based on a common commitment to an open market economy as the key determinant of economic growth, development, and job creation.

Is Chile a poor or rich country?

The economy of Chile is a market economy and high-income economy as ranked by the World Bank. The country is considered one of South America’s most prosperous nations, leading the region in competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption.

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How does Chile compare with the rest of South America?

Compared to the rest of Latin America, Chile ranks favorably in human development and income. … Reflecting its colonial past, Chileans are primarily Caucasian, indigenous or a combination of the two. A small percentage of the population traces its roots to Africa.

Is Chile the longest country in the world?

Chile, the longest and narrowest country in the world, is flanked on each side by the Cordillera de los Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Its customs are as diverse as its landscapes that stretch from the driest desert in the world to ancient glaciers still waiting to be discovered.

How long is Chile compared to the US?


STAT Chile
Comparative slightly smaller than twice the size of Montana
Land 748,800 sq km Ranked 38th.
Per capita 45.51 sq km per 1,000 people Ranked 45th. 51% more than United States
Total 756,102 sq km Ranked 39th.

What is the US relationship with Chile?


Chile is one of the United States’ strongest partners in Latin America and a leader in promoting respect for the rule of law, economic stability, education, environmental protection, human rights, and sustainable development.

Are Chile and US allies?

Regarded as one of the least corrupt and most vibrant democracies in South America, with a healthy economy, Chile is noted as being one of the closest strategic allies of the United States in the Southern Hemisphere, along with Colombia, and remains part of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance.

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Does Chile belong to the United Nations?

Chile also ranks high regionally in sustainability of the state, democratic development, and has the lowest homicide rate in the Americas after Canada. It is a founding member of the United Nations, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Pacific Alliance, and joined the OECD in 2010.

Is Chile a 3rd world country?

The term ‘Third World’ arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained ‘non-aligned’ with the Communist Soviet bloc or the Capitalist NATO bloc. By this original definition, Chile is a ‘Third World’ country, as Chile remained neutral during the Cold War era.

Is Chile richer than Mexico?

Chile has a GDP per capita of $24,600 as of 2017, while in Mexico, the GDP per capita is $19,900 as of 2017.

Why is Chile so rich?

Much of Chilean wealth is derived from raw materials and from natural riches. This wealth should be invested wisely to support innovation-driven growth to unleash Chile’s potential for entrepreneurial wealth creation.

Is Chile safer than America?

Why It’s Safe: Chile is ranked the safest country in South America by the Global Peace Index and there are currently no travel warnings or alerts for Chile from the U.S. State Department. In fact, Chile consistently ranks as one of the top 30 safest countries in the world.

Why is Chile the best country in South America?

In its annual Index of Best Countries for Business, Forbes has found Chile to be the clear leader in Latin America, with the nation’s market-oriented economy, strong financial institutions and political stability earning it an overall ranking of 33 out of the 153 countries analyzed.

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Why is Chile the richest country in South America?

Santiago, Chile, is known for its economic wealth as well as its rich and vibrant culture and history. … Areas such as mining, manufacturing, personal services, and retail trade have bolstered the economy and made the country a leading contender in wealth on the world circuit, not just the Latin American circuit.